Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Digipak - different types

Here is the most commonly used case that displays two parts of which one folds over the other with the CD in between the two sides. I think this is the best idea to use as its simple and easy to work with. We would have to create the inner and outer design, plus the design on the CD face itself.
This is another example of a digipak that folds out into three parts. On this one we would be designing 6 panels, one would be the front cover of the album, one would display the song list, one would be holding the cd, and the other three would be advertising the artist and the album. With this design there is more for us to work with, but at the same time sometimes less is more!

This third example extends the life of the album even further by having eight panels to work with! Often two CD's would be sold in this sort of digipack, and a sleevle would also be part of the design, enclosing a booklet with either song lyrics or a photo gallery of the band or artist. Although this digipack style alows more development of ideas, in our case i think it could be over powering. Instead i think this sort of digipack should be limited to companys like Ministry of Sound, for thinks like R&B Summer Classics..

I think Alice and i are most suited to the origional 4 panel digipack. It will be relativly easy to work with, yet its simplicity will allow us to expand and develop each panel idea. Also it gives us more time to edit and manipulate each image using software such as PhotoShop.

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