Thursday, 24 November 2011

Second filming shoot for lip sync

Today we filmed the lip syncing for our music video and our set location was a wooded area just off Burley St. We tried to capture the idea that Dan was passing his time of grief by secluding himself to the wood, so we framed him from different angles singing in different places amongst the trees. It went ok but Alice and I struggled to collaborate camera work with directing Dan, so at times both of us were using cameras (steady cam/free hand/tripod) and we accidently got in eachothers shots, whilst Dan occasionaly struggled with the concepts..

However on the whole we covered everything we think; the only problem was that we had more time to film than we had tape to film with, so before we were ready to stop we were forced too by the technical difficulties of tape and camera battery.

Luckily the weather was on our side and we had no trouble with wind or rain, and we got some great moments when the light shone through the trees creating some great back lighting. The only down side to this was the reflection off the lense, which sometimes limited the visibility of Dan in the Mid close ups.

Shot analysis

today we will be filmng in burley Forest the location is beautiful and contrasts with the harsh senvironment that we filmed Ezgi in.

our album cover has a very autumn feels illustrating alot of orange and red colours. durng our filming today we have planned to do a shot with dan led in the leaves (high angle shot) and we want the camera to spiral down closer to his face.

using the video camera we want to recreate this image in a slow spiral down to his face as he sings the lyrics
'and i have my room and yes, i cant disappear or leave you here.'

as well as this emma has skecthed some of the angles in connection to the lyrics. this include a slow pan of dans face starting with him looking own and slowly moving his head up to look up to the sky,
'and i am here right beside you'
pragmatically it will show him looking up towards heaven where she is now (after commiting suicide)
emma has also sketched shot of dan stood against the tree and slowly sliding down
'watching you drown ill follow you down, i am here right beside you'
this will show a link to the scene were Ezgi finally slips in the bath shown how he wants to meet her down there.

Shooting ideas for filming

 Having printed the lyrics, i came up with a shot by shot list that related to the lyrics and had some sybolic meaning.
 Alice then worked on linking my sketches to the connotations of previous photo shoots, and she linked the angles with some pragmatic meaning.
This is my shooting script showing framing for lyrics.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Final poster development

All i have done is changed Broken Dreams from white to black in the second one to see if it looked any better... took me about 2 hours over all on paint, but after all that i still prefer the first one!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Feedback Target audience

I have uploaded my latest poster designs to facebook to target as large an audience as possible.. i feel this is a good place to gather feedback as i can reach around 500+ people, mostly between 14 and 25 who are likely to be up to date with the music industry and the advertisments that support it.

Feedback offered for poster idea 3 ^

Feedback offered for poster idea 3 ^

All this feedback is fab! I think everything is more possitive about poster idea 3, so i will change the font and reduce the vignette...

Poster idea 4

Probably one of the most proffessional looking ideas i've attempted so far! i love this one and i cant wait to get feedback

Inspiration from a real meadia product for the colour scheme

Florence and the machines' music advert uses a similar tone of colours to what we had in mind. We wanted to experiment with the same style because we felt the black made the white font stand out, therefore using this idea we made our artist stand out as a contrast against the black surroundings. Also i think the tone of colours helps give off a particular mood and tone to which our music genre supports.

Poster idea 3

I have taken advice from our audience feedback and changed the contrast and tones within the image to make it alot darker and more emotional. This time the poster is more fitting with the album name.

Poster feedback

Poster 1

- The image is effective, the green colours look really nice
-Orbe. The orbe is the light on the right hand side and it could represent Ezgis spirit, which goes well with the well known album song 'forgetting Mary' 
-The photo looks too clean for the title 'broken dreams'; it needs to have an element of darkness to it.
Poster 2
-The darkness of Ezgi really gives the impression she is shadowing Dan
-The border makes the photo look tighter which frames 'broken dreams' in a darker way
- Dans costume really enhances him as a character and makes him the focal point within the image
-The broken dreams title slanted could be changed to straight to help with continuity amongst the other writting

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Poster idea 2

Poster idea 1

Alice and i have now done a photoshoot with both Dan and Ezgi and we want to incorperate both of them in our poster. This is our first idea for a poster and we have edited it on picnik. I like the colours and vibrancy of the image, however we thought it looked a little bit like a book cover not an album advertisment. Also we havnt got much information at the bottom about distribution, company, etc.

Digipack woopsy

Made a slight change...Had some spelling mistakes and also edit last block of text :) All better now!

Editing final digipack

 From yesterday we re-wrote the writting on the
top right panel, and changed it so that it followed
the pattern on the tree. This to us, made the writting work against the image alot better.

Feedback was also possitive, and comments such
as "It works well because the writting contrasts with the colours in the background" made us confident about the panel.

This is our finished product!!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Filming forecast

Tomorow Alice and i will be filming the Artist side of the music video, with Dan lip syncing for us at Linford Bottom near Ringwood. I have looked at the weather and it seems to be quite promising!

Digipack so far

It still needs a little bit of work on the back cover (bottom left panel) and also the top right panel needs work on, as i think maybe the writting needs tweeking or re-aligning..not sure yet, we still have another 24 hours before Digipack deadline!

The back of an album

When i was working on our final Digipack design, i thought about making it more authentic and realistic. Looking at one of my peers images, i thought i would do my own research on whats on the back of an album.. They all have:
- Record Lable
- Record company sponsor
- websites
- Production information
- Barcode
- Song names

Digipack framing

 I edited one of our origional images from Ezgi's filming shoot on Picnik. I changed the focal point and exaggerated the shadows before making it into sepia, however when we tried it on the digi pack the image clashed with the one of Ezgis hand on the edge of the bath.
I love what Alice has done with this image, im not sure exactly what it was that she did but i love it!
We have included it in our digipack, and even though it doesnt flow with our colour scheme that well, it fits because of the continuity of the trees.
This is our digipack so far, and although it needs tweaking i think were both pretty happy with it.

Trial ideas for album imagery

We wanted to work with some of the images of Dan to see if they would work on the album. We liked this low angle mid establishing shot because it captured Dan in a very fitting way; matching his costume well with the colours of the leaves. Also his facial expression connotes a sort of longing emotion.
Alice edited the image to make it in-keeping with the edits of the other images, and i think the icy feel makes the image a little edgy. Although i dont think the image looks like an image for an album, maybe its an idea for our poster instead.

I took this photo of Dan because i like the yellow tree against his jumper, and i think Alice has enhanced this image really well on Picnik. I love what she had done with the colours and exposure, however i sont like Dans facial expression. Its not really anything apart from strained!

This famous Florence and the Machine shot was a direct influence on a trial head shot of Dan. We even took into consideration the way the costume complimented the setting, and tried to re-create that affect in our shot 

Another Florence and the Machine influence; this one gave us the idea for an autumnal photoshoot to give the artist some of the connotations that go with the season. Its a time of death and whilting, and we felt this was an appropriate mood to set considering the narrative follows the suicide of his girlfriend.

The progress of our album cover

 Alice and i did a photoshoot with Dan, and found this image to be a perfect front cover. After i took the photo Alice worked on it in Picnik to change the colour balance and add the artist and album name. This was our first attempt and feedback from the class suggested that:

- The album and artist name could be less central and less intrusive of the photograph
 So this was Alices' second round on editing, and she moved the Artist name and album name to the bottom. Feedback from the same audience was that:

- The framing was alot better and looked more proffessional
- Some of the lettering in the word Marcus is hard to read because of the background image
- Album name is too small and hard to read

So taking advice from our audience feedback, Alice then sent me the edited file so i could work on it on Photoshop. On here i removed the letters "u" and "s" from Marcus, and patched the area with leaves to cover more of Dans neck, before replacing the missing letters. I then rubbed out the album name, patched it, and re-wrote the words in a larger font size, and in bold.
after all of that, we finaly had an album cover!

Inspiration for this album cover...

This image from the band Papercuts helped us to follow the conventions of the alternative rock genre, where by the environment sets a calm and tranquile scene. This was relevant to us as Dan is offering emotional closure in his scenes of the music video which contrasts well against the suicide framed in Ezgis shots.

This Ed Sheersan influence challenges and conforms to our media product. We gained ideas from the image because not only does the 'greenery' in the image lay contrast to the stiking red hair of the performer and his acoustic sounds, but it also puts to use the idea that we have taken a 'mainstream' idea and applied it to our own genre of music (alternative rock) which usually displays more artistic or abstract artwork on its album front covers. 

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Album photo ideas

The writting for this idea, came from the Baby Shambles album i blogged about earlier on. The lettering style is similar to a murder note made from magazine cut outs, and this could connote the genre of our music video.

We have started to play around with photoshop and edit our images ready for our digipack. Alice and i have worked together on the style we wish to develop, and have agreed that the tones and colours will portay a retro sepia genre, to collaborate with the indie style of music.

Looking at different tones and styles, we researched other known albums with similar ideas to our own, to see what effect the colour scheme had on the connotations of the album.

I think the blue pixelated filter, draws on the hollowness of the females face, and the imagery suggests the album will be mornful or sorrowful.

This Rolling Stones album cover has a similar theme to our own music video, and the potrayal of grime gives a narrative that tells the audience the music genre. Also the orange glow makes it look old, and alternative in style.

The opacity level makes this album cover mysterious, and some what dated. The idea of fading out the image to date it, indicates a more taper player/record player style of audience.

Regardless of the genre (which i havnt researched) this particular album could possibly be categorised by its colour shceme. the icy greens and blues connotes a jazzy feel.