Friday, 28 October 2011

Album imagery

I like the idea of symbolism, and using a ciggarette to mark a moment in the music video
I think fading the image out or making it sepia, creates a very vinatge/retro/indie feel
Using our female on the front cover gives the album narrative, and i like the idea of using her to sell the genre of music.

 This album mixed black and white imagery with colour and that is an idea that we could develop on, to draw focus on different areas of the album.

Images we are considering to use are as follows..

 I have edited the photo of ezgi to make it into a mixture of black and white and colour. I like the way this centres the image, and shows the fade from colour to black and white as you move down the image.

On this image i played around with a bit of sepia mixed with back and white, and i then soften the background and sharpened ezgi. To create the black edge, i lomo-ished the image, and this was what i ended up with! 

 For this one i struggled for a while to mix all the effects together but i got there in the end. I blured the image and then created a focal soften around her left eye. I then used a focal B&W to make her face coloured and the back ground more black and white.

To get this edit, i faded the edge, and used brown and yellow duo-tone to edit the colour. I also sharped the edge of the bath, to make it whiter on one side.

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