Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Digipak - CD covers - ancillary

We have create a CD cover as part of our ancillary task. So i have looked into other artists CD covers to gain some ideas for our own:
 This example shows a hand sketched design approach to an album cover, which i think allows the album name to be better represented. I think it also suggests a more narrative based album instead of performance based one, because the image is suggestive of a story, or it could be representative of the genre of music...
 This is Baby shambles Shotter's Nation (2007-2010) album cover. This album uses magazine cut outs and black and white imagery to represent the indie genre. I like the brassy black and white image of the female, framed over the faded black background of a her passed out on the bed; it gives a very retro classic edge on a relatively contemporary album.   i think this album could be great inspiration for our own, and we could re-create this look using photoshop.

I this the simplicity of this album cover example speeks quite strongly through connotations and colour. The origional standad shade of red gives it a mellow tone, whilst the contrasting white hand outline bring it into quite an alternative genre- American idie rock. This album has a very un-offencive feel to it, and i like that.

Vampire weekends album cover looks slightly like a faded polariod photo and could imply a classic indie genre. The opacity of the colours has been reduced, and fading from the centre gives the cover a sort of aged beauty. I love this look, and its appealing to our genre. If i was to use this idea i think i use the reduced opacity but i would also fade the boarder into back instead of white, as our music video has a darker tone to it in my opinion.

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