Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Digipak - CD cover ideas

 I wouldnt use any of these exact designs as i dont think they are relative enough, or proffesional looking enough to be placed on a CD digipack. However they do give a rough idea of the style and tone Alice and i will be going for...

 I took this image from the internet and just messed around with the exposure. I dont have photoshop at home so i couldnt do anything fancy, however i like the simplicity of the photo.

 What i would have liked to do to this image is burn the background and blur it, so that the focal point is Ezgi... I like the tight framing of this image and i also like the idea of adding a boarder.
I edited the boarder on this one and filled it in black using paint. Although i have done nothing technical to the image, i think it gives a slightly indie tone, by making it bold but basic...

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