Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Trial ideas for album imagery

We wanted to work with some of the images of Dan to see if they would work on the album. We liked this low angle mid establishing shot because it captured Dan in a very fitting way; matching his costume well with the colours of the leaves. Also his facial expression connotes a sort of longing emotion.
Alice edited the image to make it in-keeping with the edits of the other images, and i think the icy feel makes the image a little edgy. Although i dont think the image looks like an image for an album, maybe its an idea for our poster instead.

I took this photo of Dan because i like the yellow tree against his jumper, and i think Alice has enhanced this image really well on Picnik. I love what she had done with the colours and exposure, however i sont like Dans facial expression. Its not really anything apart from strained!

This famous Florence and the Machine shot was a direct influence on a trial head shot of Dan. We even took into consideration the way the costume complimented the setting, and tried to re-create that affect in our shot 

Another Florence and the Machine influence; this one gave us the idea for an autumnal photoshoot to give the artist some of the connotations that go with the season. Its a time of death and whilting, and we felt this was an appropriate mood to set considering the narrative follows the suicide of his girlfriend.

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