Thursday, 24 November 2011

Shot analysis

today we will be filmng in burley Forest the location is beautiful and contrasts with the harsh senvironment that we filmed Ezgi in.

our album cover has a very autumn feels illustrating alot of orange and red colours. durng our filming today we have planned to do a shot with dan led in the leaves (high angle shot) and we want the camera to spiral down closer to his face.

using the video camera we want to recreate this image in a slow spiral down to his face as he sings the lyrics
'and i have my room and yes, i cant disappear or leave you here.'

as well as this emma has skecthed some of the angles in connection to the lyrics. this include a slow pan of dans face starting with him looking own and slowly moving his head up to look up to the sky,
'and i am here right beside you'
pragmatically it will show him looking up towards heaven where she is now (after commiting suicide)
emma has also sketched shot of dan stood against the tree and slowly sliding down
'watching you drown ill follow you down, i am here right beside you'
this will show a link to the scene were Ezgi finally slips in the bath shown how he wants to meet her down there.

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