Thursday, 3 November 2011

Album photo ideas

The writting for this idea, came from the Baby Shambles album i blogged about earlier on. The lettering style is similar to a murder note made from magazine cut outs, and this could connote the genre of our music video.

We have started to play around with photoshop and edit our images ready for our digipack. Alice and i have worked together on the style we wish to develop, and have agreed that the tones and colours will portay a retro sepia genre, to collaborate with the indie style of music.

Looking at different tones and styles, we researched other known albums with similar ideas to our own, to see what effect the colour scheme had on the connotations of the album.

I think the blue pixelated filter, draws on the hollowness of the females face, and the imagery suggests the album will be mornful or sorrowful.

This Rolling Stones album cover has a similar theme to our own music video, and the potrayal of grime gives a narrative that tells the audience the music genre. Also the orange glow makes it look old, and alternative in style.

The opacity level makes this album cover mysterious, and some what dated. The idea of fading out the image to date it, indicates a more taper player/record player style of audience.

Regardless of the genre (which i havnt researched) this particular album could possibly be categorised by its colour shceme. the icy greens and blues connotes a jazzy feel.

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