Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The progress of our album cover

 Alice and i did a photoshoot with Dan, and found this image to be a perfect front cover. After i took the photo Alice worked on it in Picnik to change the colour balance and add the artist and album name. This was our first attempt and feedback from the class suggested that:

- The album and artist name could be less central and less intrusive of the photograph
 So this was Alices' second round on editing, and she moved the Artist name and album name to the bottom. Feedback from the same audience was that:

- The framing was alot better and looked more proffessional
- Some of the lettering in the word Marcus is hard to read because of the background image
- Album name is too small and hard to read

So taking advice from our audience feedback, Alice then sent me the edited file so i could work on it on Photoshop. On here i removed the letters "u" and "s" from Marcus, and patched the area with leaves to cover more of Dans neck, before replacing the missing letters. I then rubbed out the album name, patched it, and re-wrote the words in a larger font size, and in bold.
after all of that, we finaly had an album cover!

Inspiration for this album cover...

This image from the band Papercuts helped us to follow the conventions of the alternative rock genre, where by the environment sets a calm and tranquile scene. This was relevant to us as Dan is offering emotional closure in his scenes of the music video which contrasts well against the suicide framed in Ezgis shots.

This Ed Sheersan influence challenges and conforms to our media product. We gained ideas from the image because not only does the 'greenery' in the image lay contrast to the stiking red hair of the performer and his acoustic sounds, but it also puts to use the idea that we have taken a 'mainstream' idea and applied it to our own genre of music (alternative rock) which usually displays more artistic or abstract artwork on its album front covers. 

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