Monday, 26 September 2011

Filming styles

I played our track over this video and although it doesnt always fit i loved the business of the video against the slow intro, and i also loved the layout of the screen and the way it was split into sections. This led me to then research the video below, which when played over our track fitted quite well, and the video itself followed a similar idea to the first; where the scenery was divided into sections, although this time is was blended more..

I loved this frame below, its different and could be used to show four different time in one persons life..

Shes mostly gone
Some other place
I'm getting by
In other ways

These lyrics could link to the video showing different activities he does to get by, showing them on screen all at once! However it may be easier to re-create this effect using a similar style to the first video where the screen is split by a white background.

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