Monday, 26 September 2011

Different music videos

This was a find by Mr.W and its similar in genre to ours. The black and white generates quite a simple impression, and makes the hollowness of the setting more noticable. I like the way the camera frames the artist..

Her emotion is shown through body language and facial expression, without knowing the lyrics, you can immediatly tell her unhappiness. I also like the way the camera is out of focus on the background imagery and only highlights the lines of her face and hands, it connotes a sence of solitude, as if she doesnt feel she has a place in her surroundings.

Alice then mentioned this recent video and commented on its setting and camera angles. She likes the framing of the starry night and quoted that it fits

"And I am here right beside you
The lights in the sky
Are waving goodbye
I am staying right beside you"

And to add to this, i found that the intro is also very fitting to what we wanted, with the low angle sequence of the lady's legs walking down the street. I think it introduces her in quite a steriotypical way, by panning up her body the viewer can see her figure, which objectifies her and immediatly puts her in the male gaze..

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