Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Re-avaluating our poster

Looking back over our poster we established that there wasn't enough branding resulting in a lack of authenticity in our poster. There was nothing that came forward in terms of real advertising nor was there anything that would link our music to its audience.
This poster from another alternative rock/indie band was a good comparison for us to see how our poster differed from a real media product. From this we concluded the problems with our poster were down to a lack of advertising and social net working. However we went one step further and challenged the conventions of this genre by adding in mainstream public network sites that were supported by our record label. - somthing not often considered when listening to alternative and non-mainsteam music artists.

So to get an idea of what sort of branding our poster needed, we went back to our record label Rough Trade, and found out what they were doing to connect with their customers. Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and Youtube were the result of our search and they are all mainstream sorces of advertising in distribution, which suggested that these sites were the quickest and easiest way of getting our music to its customers.
To do this we patched over our previous logos and writting, and made way for changes via photoshop. I then went back to the internet found the logos of our 4 major distributors and put them onto our poster.

This is now our final finished poster and i think it looks alot more proffesional than our previous design. This one cleary shows a variety of sites available to view and download the music from, and because its virtual it can be easily updated to keep up with the technological advances within the record label. For example new music can simply be uploaded to Facebook or Youtube for consumers of the product to view quickly and easily. I also prefer the layout of the bottom half of the poster  to the previous one because it has a more proffesional edge; one thing that has helped achieve this authenticity is the recognised "SCUZZ" type font which overal standardises our poster and puts in a proffesional possition in the advertising music market.

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